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We do projects large and small, from closets to corporate offices

We do projects large and small, from closets to corporate offices

Home Organization

There’s often a gap between the home we want to live in, and the home we actually live in. It’s not always about the structure itself, or the interior design, it’s about the stuff we need to operate every day, and the stuff that we can’t bring ourselves to throw away. Clutter includes stuff we step over, trip over, and constantly move from place to place; and stuff we can never seem to find when we need it; stuff we don’t need and stuff we can’t live without.


I help clients turn their homes into clean, organized, and efficient living spaces—homes that are a welcome, safe and secure sanctuaries from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. Our challenge is finding the perfect place for the things you need—and the things you don’t. The stuff you keep should reside in a logical place, one that’s within reach right when you need it the most and/or are finished using it. The stuff you don’t need can be repurposed, recycled, sold, donated, or dumped.

We help when you would like to downsize.

We help when you would like to downsize.

Office Organization

If an office is too clean or too cluttered, it looks like nothing is getting done—and both ends of the spectrum present challenges for employees to work effectively. I help clients create workspaces that encourage open, collaborative, efficient, and creative workflow; offices that are welcoming, inspiring, and on-brand. My office organization systems are intuitive, so new employees can quickly learn the ropes and self navigate. From individual offices and executive suites, to mailrooms, break rooms, and common areas, I can help your company make the most out of available space. When it’s time to expand or downsize, I can help you do so with ease.


Moving Services

Moving In

I often arrive at a client’s home to see boxes everywhere; it looks like the movers just left, but my client has been living this way for weeks if not months or longer. When you relocate to Seattle for a new position, there’s often little time to unpack and set up a workable living situation—one that truly feels like home instead of temporary executive housing. That’s where I come in. I can unpack; find the perfect place for everything; decorate; buy and install helpful efficiency gadgets; and prepare your home for a big reveal just like on those makeover shows on TV.


Moving Out

The last thing you want to do with clutter is box it up and pay to move it to your next home where it will just sit there and keep collecting dust—granted, this time in a box. I can help you move confidently to your next home, knowing you’re just taking what you need to be happy and successful.


Attention Real Estate Agents

Gift cards for Move Out Decluttering Services are the perfect thank you for homeseller clients. An occupied home that is clean, de-personalized, and well organized is the next best thing to an empty well-staged home—and sometimes, it’s even better!

We can do style on a budget

We can do style on a budget

We can even help you through home renovations

We can even help you through home renovations


Start Here Organizing offers prospective clients and referrals an easy way to kick things off:

  1. Complimentary phone consultation

  2. Affordable in-home 30 minute consultation—even if you don’t buy a service, you’ll leave with invaluable advice to do it yourself

  3. A 5-hour daily minimum is required for most projects

    1. Shorter sessions, 2-3 hours each, are available during select early mornings or late afternoons, or by special arrangement

If we’re a good fit and our schedules align, I’ll provide an estimate based upon your location, desired timing, and the scope of work. I don’t charge markup on purchases made on your behalf, but shopping time will be billed hourly. I shop online whenever possible and have the merchandise sent direct to you.


If you need help dealing with all your stuff, you’re not alone. I am happy to help!