Sustainable Home and Office Organization

Start Here Organizing by Julia Schroeder offers home and office organization services that are custom built to work for you. I work with individuals, families, and businesses throughout greater Seattle. Working with you or on my own, I swiftly organize small apartments, large homes, and offices of all sizes; one room at a time or whole operations as a single project.

Anyone can come in, clean up a room, and leave; the people who live and work in these spaces need to actually live and work without stress or creating a new mess. I get to know my clients and truly understand the way they move through their days. After the organization and “big reveal”, I provide efficiency tools that are easy to learn, implement, and remember.

My proven methods are sustainable in other ways too—I strive to recycle, resell, and repurpose as much of your departing items as possible. I don’t judge; everything we do together is private, confidential, and compassionate. Letting go can be challenging, so we’ll move at your pace to reimagine your space.

As a longtime follower of Marie Kondo, the international tidying expert and best-selling author I am happy to explore her methods with you, her techniques are unique and work for some, but not for everyone. Together we will discover what is the best method to get your home organized, quickly and efficiently.

Organizing small spaces

Organizing small spaces

Organizing your home office

Organizing your home office

Start Fresh or Start Over

If you’ve just bought or rented a new home, or signed the lease on a new office, Start Here Organizing can help you start off on the right foot. I design residential living spaces and commercial work spaces to have everything you need, within reach when you need it.


Imagine a home that’s clean, open, relaxing, and welcoming; you can enter and move about without stepping over stuff; you can welcome guests without apologizing for the mess; you know where everything is because you put it there with ease. An organized home shouldn’t feel like work to maintain. It shouldn’t feel like you’re living in someone else’s space. Your organized home should feel as natural to inhabit as your favorite clothes.


No two companies are alike, so no two offices should be alike. I work to capture the spirit of your brand and employees to create clean and efficient spaces that work for one and all. My system includes ways to effectively manage paperwork—junk moves swiftly to recycle while critical documents are readily available to be worked on, forwarded, or filed on time. As documents move into file cabinets, we prevent overstuffing with a process that removes items (for destruction or storage) that no longer need to be kept close. Beyond paperwork, I’ll work to ensure office supplies are close at hand, cables are organized and neat, and systems are in place to best manage workflow.

Organizing and repurposing an attic can create a whole new experience

Julia’s organizing magic lies in being an excellent coach. On top of offering thoughtful solutions to best utilize my space, she also asked great questions to help me determine what I wanted to fill that space with. She helped me really reach clarity about what to keep and what to part with - a truly tricky job!
— Kelly M.


Ready, Set, Go!


Closets—Donate underused clothing, make the most of existing space for clothes, shoes and accessories

Kitchen—Design cooking and prep spaces where pots, pans, utensils and spices are organized and within reach

Pantry—Divide into zones; rotate older items forward to avoid expiration

Living room—Create a welcoming area to relax, unwind, and entertain

Dining room—Make the most of one of the most underused rooms in the home

Bedrooms—Dream up a clean, calming, and clutter free sanctuary

Bathrooms—Organize a space that’s safe, efficient, and a joy to be in

Home Office—Work professionally, efficiently and happily in the comfort of home

Garage—Never again choose between storing you stuff and parking your car

Wine Cellars and Other Collections—Enjoy a customized maintenance, storage, and access system

Moving Services

Pre-move—Don’t take your clutter with you! Know where everything is, what’s on the truck, and what will stay with you until the truck arrives

Post-move—Set up your new home for success right out of the box

Storage unit—Find what you need with ease, or eliminate the need for it altogether

Office Services

Executive Offices—Look like a boss, work like a boss, in an efficient and organized office

Common Areas—Reduce redundancy, shortages and outages of office supplies, office machines, and other essential workflow elements

Co-Working Spaces—From cubicles to open tables, ensure employees and contractors can work efficiently and collaborate with ease

Senior Services

Empty Nesters and Retirees—Steadily and gently downsize for relocation


Cherish the treasures and release the trinkets
— Julia Schroeder, Principal