Clear the Clutter with a Pro

Imagine an organized home- your home.

There’s a calm and efficiency in each room. 
You are surrounded by life’s treasures that fill you with joy. 
It feels more like home than it ever has before...and everything has a place.

What was it like to get there?

With Start Here Organizing, you were coached, mentored and inspired through a gentle, yet thorough transformation. 
Julia Schroeder, owner, Seattle professional organizer, and coach, motivated you and even made it fun.

Together, you and Julia worked quickly to organize your home. She listened and offered gentle suggestions.

Then, she took all of the discarded, recyclable & up-cyclable items away that day in her truck.

Living & working space transformations with systems that stick.

Now you have custom solutions and systems in place for quick maintenance of your organized home and office. 
Relief. Calm. Satisfaction.

Start Here Organizing’s core philosophy is about streamlining your space and possessions so you become more empowered and efficient with the goal of enjoying a relaxing and serene environment.

Organizing small spaces

Organizing small spaces

Organizing your home office

Organizing your home office


Everyone asks, "Where do we start?"

We start here...

Closets - Edit, organize and eliminate unused/unwanted clothing
Kitchen - Clear the counters, remove redundant and tired items  
Pantry - Organize, systematize …& check food expiration dates
Living room - Create a relaxing and calm living area
Dining room - Clear the table and make room for dinner
Bedrooms - Everything in its place for a good night’s rest
Bathrooms - Organize and purge unused items
Office - Set up of on-point filing solutions & shred old documents
Bonus room - Reclaim that room
Pre-move - Downsize and take only the gold
Post-move - Organize all of it "right" out of the box
Garage - Let’s get that car back in there
Senior citizens - Downsize for relocation, gently & steadily
Wine cellars -Creation and custom maintenance/storage system
Storage unit - Purge or even eliminate the unit


Organizing and repurposing an attic can create a whole new experience
Julia’s organizing magic lies in being an excellent coach. On top of offering thoughtful solutions to best utilize my space, she also asked great questions to help me determine what I wanted to fill that space with. She helped me really reach clarity about what to keep and what to part with - a truly tricky job!
— Kelly M.

Cherish the treasures and release the trinkets
— Julia Schroeder, Principal