Meet Julia

Organizing and helping people is my passion.

I enjoy being creative and finding new ways to inspire people to let go of their unused, redundant and no-longer-necessary items. We also collaborate and develop systems to help them keep things organized.

A Passion for Organization & An Eye for Design

I have a keen eye for detail and aesthetics and this is what separates Start Here Organizing from the rest.   

The fabulous thing about organization is that it takes on a life of its own... once you start, the momentum takes over.

Looking forward,


PRINCIPAL, Start Here Organizing

Licensed Professional Organizer for Home, Office & Business

Seattle, WA

She has a great vision for esthetics and design as well as organizing to make sure the kitchen flows as we use it. She asks good questions to understand how we will use the kitchen to make sure it meets our needs. She’s very professional and punctual. She’s also fun to work and the best part is after a few weeks, we’ve maintained the systems she put in place because they fit our style. I can’t wait to work with her again on more projects around the house.
— Jessica B.

Our Commitment

Start Here Organizing is committed to recycling, upcycling and appropriately discarding items that no longer serve.

We have partners throughout the city who are ready, willing and grateful to receive the gently used discarded items.

We’ll take away what no longer belongs that very day.
We won’t leave you holding the bag/s.

I hired Julia to help my Mother out with a life transition and downsizing. She is very helpful, kind and understanding to my Mother and of the situation, she is also a joy to be around. We began downsizing even with the items were still in storage, and have since moved to the final location all with Julia’s help. She has given tons of great advice on furniture placement and purchasing ideas. I would recommend Julia to any of my friends for their organizing needs.
— Shadae H.